Incorporating Fiber As a Fat Burning Food

Fiber, a common ingredient in most all-natural and healthy food products, actually keeps the body feeling fuller for longer periods of time, while also boosting your body’s ability to burn fat! Add fiber to your diet and experience an increased metabolism, increased weight loss, and amplified ability to burn off stored fat!

Fiber and Fat Burning Benefits

Fiber essentially allows the body to burn fat through three core processes:


  • Digestion – Foremost, fiber slows down digestive processes, allowing your body to feel fuller for longer periods of time. As the stomach feels fuller, with fiber slowly moving through the digestive tracks, dieters are able to more comfortably limit their caloric intake. As calories are limited, the body is able to burn off stored fat in order to boost energy levels, leading to increased and efficient weight loss.
  • Blood Sugar – Adding to the digestive perks, the slow digestive properties of fiber also serve to regulate the body’s blood sugar levels. When the body receives any food source, blood sugar levels adjust in order to digest and absorb the food and its nutrients. When high-sugar or high carbohydrate foods are consumed, blood sugar levels soar, leading to an inevitable energy crash with subsequent food cravings. As the body loses energy, the body sends out hunger signals for sugary foods and sweet snacks to immediately boost the body’s energy and stamina. This creates a cycle of energy deprivation and unhealthy eating habits. To avoid this cycle all together, meals containing fiber serve as foods that can maintain blood sugar and energy, while dieters can furthermore feel decreased cravings for unhealthier food options. As blood sugar levels are stabilized, the body is also more able to burn off stored fat in order to boost energy levels, instead of receiving energy from unhealthy or added food sources.
  • Metabolism – Ultimately, one HoneyBurn of the greatest fat burning benefits of fiber is its power to boost the body’s metabolism. When consuming fiber, the body’s gastro-intestinal tract speeds up in order to create more body heat. This subtle increase in heat leads to an amplified ability to burn up stored fat cells. With this all-natural perk, dieters can consume this fat burning food in order to lose excess body fat and weight!

Fat Burning Foods with Fiber  

Many food products today, aware of the weight loss benefits of fiber, have started to include added fiber into their recipes and ingredients. In order for a food or product to be considered “high fiber,” it must contain at least 5 grams of fiber, or more, per serving. Benefits of a high fiber diet include:

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